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It is important to start orthodontics treatment at an early age, the ideal age would be 7 to 9 yrs.

Early intervention orthodontics can minimise the need for extraction of teeth.

Traditional orthodontics involve just straightening your teeth and to create space when you have crowding, it may even involve removal of healthy teeth.

At Inverell Dental Services (IDS) orthodontics is much more than just straitening your teeth. We have a holistic approach with a focus on improving the airway and the facial profile, which is called airway centric orthodontics.

Modern researches show that most dental crowding cases are caused by underdeveloped jaws and extractions can be prevented if diagnosed and treated early enough. We identify the causes/habits that leads to the underdevelopment of the jaws and crowded teeth.

Examples of causes /habits

  • Blocked nose due to chronic allergies.
  • Chronic mouth breathing due to inability to breath through the nose, which may be due to big adenoids and  tonsils
  • Thumb sucking / dummy
  • Wrong tongue posture, tongue not touching the palate while swallowing, difficulty is eating.

Following are the indications we look for to identify airway issues in a child

  • Snoring(heavy breathing )/ sleep apnoea
  • Sleeping with an open mouth
  • Morning tiredness/sleepiness ,
  • waking up unrefreshed .
  • Avoid solid food like meat .
  • Low level of concentration
  • Bed wetting
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Teeth grinding