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Child's first visit to the dentist

1st March 2021

When should my child have their first visit to the dentist?

This is one of the most common questions we hear. So here are some quick tips and tricks.

A child can a see a dentist as early as 12 months old, especially if you have any concerns. But we find that kids once they are 2 years old is a great time for the child’s first visit.

First time a child visits us things may not go as planned. but don’t worry this is completely normal and we will try to make your child as comfortable as possible. As the primary goal is to introduce the child to the process and the dental team.

If the first time a child goes to the dentist is with a painful tooth or a dental emergency the child does not develop a positive experience.

Introducing a child to our team at a young age, allows us to ensure that your child has a pleasant association with a dental visit. By making the routine check-ups comfortable and enjoyable, we are able to eliminate the fear of the dentist.

When preparing for the first visit use positive and child friendly words like. “Counting your teeth”, “tooth fairy’s friends”, “going for a ride in the dental chair”.

Avoid asking you child “Are you going to be Brave?”, as this might make the child feel that there is something to be worried about. Don’t be anxious yourself, we are trained and experience working with children so let us lead the way.